Ondatherm 1001TS

Ondatherm 1001TS is insulated roof sandwich panel, the core made of polyisocyanurate PIR foam, with trapezoidal external shape and prepainted steel facings.

  • PIR Foam PRT Hexacore® with good thermal performances
  • Thicknesses up to 140mm for thermal Uc value down to 0.16W/m².K
  • The joint system with reduced thermal bridge combined with a air leakage seal complied with the new airtightness building regulations
  • Exceptional ease of installation while respecting the most demanding thermal regulations
  • Width: 1000mm
Ondatherm 1001TS - 3D
Ondatherm 1001TS - joint 3D
Ondatherm 1001TS - 2D
Ondatherm 1001TS - joint 2D
Ondatherm 1001TS - 3DOndatherm 1001TS - joint 3DOndatherm 1001TS - 2DOndatherm 1001TS - joint 2D


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